The Bots are two brothers, Mikaiah Lei, 16, and Anaiah Lei, 12, sons of a Chinese father and an Afro-Caribbean mother.

Shout out to '68's Brian Tate, who sent me the link to this video.  It was forwarded to him by his guitarist, Eddie Alsina, who said in a note, ". . .they rock tha fuck out."  Actually, The Bots performance is quite impressive, given their ages.

Their site says their sound is a combination of Punk, Ska, Rock and Reggae, and that they cite The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rancid, Bad Brains, Led Zeppelin, The Artic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend (to name a few) as their influences.

The Bots are ones to watch.  I'm looking forward to hearing their full album.

Here's a background video on the band:

The Bots Intro

Additional links:

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  • I got the Bots cd and it is wonderfully promising. My 6 year old daughter loves it and I welcome that as the alternative could be the Jonas Brothers. Yikes! But they seem humble down to earth youngins as well. Can’t wait to see them live (I’m East Coast & they are West) and what else they’ll have to offer in the future. Keepin it in the fam is a plus and from what I’ve heard H.R. is an “uncle” to them so they too were raised with the background outside of their blood & genes! Refreshing!