As I mentioned Friday on Twitter, this blog has been selected as an Editor's Pick, one of their Favorite Blogs.

This is quite an honor to be recognized by a media outlet that's an institution in our community.  In fact, has been a consistent supporter of me, shouting me out as a provider of one of it's favorite blog posts of 2007, as well as giving me a shot at writing for it.  More importantly, it's validation that the work going on here is resonating with folks outside of both NYC and the black rock/Afro-Punk community. 

So, for all of you hitting the site for the first time: Welcome! 

First, let me dispel a myth: Black rock is so much more that brothas and sistas in black leather playing loud guitars.  That's part of it, but black rock also encompasses a growing community of artists and fans, all of whom enjoy and embrace the full spectrum of Black music.  And you already know some of the artists, a diverse bunch that includes familiar names such as Living Colour, to Tony Award winner Stew (of "Passing Strange"), to Gnarls Barkley and Janelle Monae, to literally hundreds of artists coming behind them.  Check out some of them via the Listening Posts.

The What and Why of this blog is addressed on the About page, and will also point you to some key articles to further orient you.

It's an exciting time to get into Black rock.  Thanks for joining me on the journey!

ONE MORE THING: Check back at regularly, since I expect that the editors will be highlighting other noteworthy blogs, such as Shadow And Act, a blog that covers film from the African Diaspora.  Good work going on there, too.

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  • Congrats. The feature is well-deserved and a step forward for Black Rock coverage in the Mainstream.

    Shine on, Sir Fields.

  • Thanks, Zoe. Yes, let’s all keep pushing this forward. Onward and upward for the betterment of all!