Living Colour's Corey Glover

Monday was a night of great music as Living Colour and Fishbone's Angelo Moore joined The Roots at their regular jam session at NYC's Highline Ballroom.

Living Colour got things rolling with a short, three-song set–"Cult of Personality" (natch!) and two songs from the upcoming album, "Behind the Sun" and "Bless Those".  Angelo Moore aka Dr. Madd Vibe was all manic energy, but did a great job at adding color to songs with either the sax, his voice, or his theremin.

Overall, I think the lasting impact of The Roots Jams are to reassert the primacy of musicianship.  This was the first one of this long-running series that I've been to, but I can't help thinking that the addition of musicians on the level of Living Colour and Angelo Moore–along with folks like keyboardist Gene Williams and vocalist Maya Azucena–raised the already-high level of musicianship another notch.

Bravo to all involved!

Doug Wimbish (l) and Vernon Reid

Dr. Madd Vibes aka Fishbone's Angelo Moore

Maya Azucena (l) and Doug Wimbish

You can check out additional shots from the night on my Flickr page .

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  • What a great night with so many of my favorites! I gotta get to NYC more often…

  • Thanks, man. Yeah, you’ve gotta get to NYC. I’ve heard a lot about you from Bob Davis. Looking forward to hearing your music.

  • that picture of angelo is brilliant…