Game Rebellion's MC Netic tells me that their album will be out in a couple of months.  Very cool.  In the meantime, folks in a few cities will get to see what all of us in NYC have known for some time: Game Rebellion is the truth.

In fact, Atlanta will be able to check them out tonight:


The rest of their Sounds Like A Riot dates are below

ATL AC3 Hip Hop Festival/Atlanta            Oct. 3rd                      
Zeitgeist/ New Orleans                           Oct. 7th              
Mango Cafe/Houston                               Oct. 9th
Beauty Bar/ Vegas                                   Oct. 17th              
Winston's/San Diego                                 Oct. 20th              
Ghost Town Gallery/Oakland                    Oct.24th
PST / San Francisco                                 Oct. 27th

Additional link:

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