Download the album here!

So thrilled to let you all know that the compilation album is now available for your listening pleasure! That’s right: 17 tracks from artists who represent the diversity of black rock, Afro-punk and black alternative music, both here in the US and internationally (thrilled to have Sabatta, Otto Fischer and Milk Plus representing the London black rock fam), including a brand new song from The Family Stand!

Once again, I want to thank all the artists who submitted tracks, as well as the ones who were ultimately chosen.

And I just want to be clear with everyone: Yes, this compilation is FREE.  But if you like what you hear from any of the artists, please consider buying their full length albums or EPs.  Many of the artists on the compilation have albums or EPs available on  If Amazon sees sales increases on existing catalog that they can correlate to artists who are on the compilation, then the whole exercise is worth it to them.  Maybe they’ll be open to my doing volume 2 next year. 

This is how you make progressive culture matter in the marketplace.

Finally, if you’ve got friends who you think would dig the music, please send them this link

Click here to download your copy of presents Fire In The Dark.


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  • Congrats on your compilation! Will download today. Hopefully it will inspire me as I battle a nasty cold.

  • Rob, I just wanted to add that this is really inspirational – you put this collection together out of pure love dedication for ‘the work.’ I hope you get a big thank you from all the artists on the compilation because you really deserve a hug for volunteering your time to do this. – Lainad

  • Congrads…this is great!

  • Zarinah

    I’d really like to hear this but because i’m not in the US I can’t download from Amazon. Is there any way I can get it?

  • I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m being blown away by this compilation! Every song is really damn good. (I guess I expected there to be some filler in there somewhere…like with most comps.)

    Yet every track stands up individually as a brilliant work of art. Pain is starting to set in that I’ve never heard most of these artists before. Something is terribly wrong with that. Thank you so much for putting this together!

    Congrats my brotha!

  • Came across this compilation on Amazon the other day, the BoldAsLove name caught my eye. Really good collection of music. Thanks for putting it together and offering it for free. Lots of quality artists on this.

  • Kaia

    I have the same problem as well. Would love to hear this compilation but unfortunately live outside of the US.

  • Down loaded two weeks ago. Finally listened to the whole album. Love the compilation. Lots of great groups. Some I’m more familiar with more than others.

  • Thanks, cliffmoon2! Please spread the word on it to your friends and family. Likewise, if you have 5 minutes, please take the audience survey, if you haven’t done so already. Info on that is here: