The other event I'll be speaking at within the next few weeks takes place at Indiana University, home of the Archives of African American Music & Culture (AAAMC).  Not familiar with the AAAMC?  It houses one of the significant collections of African American musical idioms starting with the Post World War II era.

Last year the Archives presented a traveling exhibit called Rock, Rhythm & Soul: The Black Roots of Popular Music. In 2006 it produced a one-day event that focused on techno music.

This year, the focus is on black rock.  And while I'm excited to be part of this, I have to admit I'm a little nervous, too, what with all these great people with Ph.D's behind their names and other serious credentials.  I really have to thank the Archives' director, Dr. Portia Maultsby and its project manager Ronda Sewald for bringing me onboard.

It'll be great to see some longtime friends, folks like Stew, Greg Tate, Kandia Crazy Horse, Maureen Mahon, Tamar-kali, Netic, James Spooner and Kamara Thomas.  And I'm definitely looking forward to finally meeting Moe Mitchell, Ike Willis, Suzanne Thomas, Linda Tillery, Reebee Garofalo and Andrew Hollinden.

The panel I'm on is:

“The Face of Rock in the 21st Century” will explore
the status of rock in the 21st century—how rock is
conceptualized/defined and how has it been transformed and
reinterpreted; the role of African American musicians in this process;
current trends in rock; the use of technology for creative, marketing
and distribution approaches; the reception of Black rockers by the
music industry, mainstream, underground, and international audiences;
and African American communities, etc.

Other panelists are Kamara, Netic, Suzanne and Maureen (the moderator).

For those in the area (or making the trip in), info on the program, travel, lodging and registration (very reasonable rates!) is available here.

Additional link:

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