Mos Def (l) and The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach

Yes, it took me a few weeks, but I finally collected my thoughts on project.  The result is my first piece on The Huffington Post.  For me, it comes down to this question:

How can you call something “BlakRoc” when the black folks on the project only rap and the rockers are all white?

BlakRoc is the
name of Damon Dash’s upcoming project, a collaboration between white
rockers The Black Keys and rappers such as Mos Def, Q-Tip, Ludacris,
and Raekwon, to name a few.  Ordinarily, I could care less what Damon
Dash does.  But in choosing this name for the project, he crossed a
line: You can’t match black rappers and white rockers and call it

No, BlakRoc has nothing to do with black rock,
something I’ve spent nearly the last three years championing on my
blog.  The conflation of the two is offensive. There’s too much history
there. It’s like he’s acknowledging the existence of black rock with
his middle finger.

Read the full article here.

If you're inclined to share your thoughts on this subject, please do so over at the HuffPo.

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  • maybe the name is not about the people but the music.

  • O wow. I thought it had to do with Bad Day in Black Rock. My bad.

  • Lovethoseeagles
    “For the Keys, the collaboration was an adolescent dream come true. “We listen to a lot of straight up hip-hop and lot of old soul records,” Auerbach says. One soul group in particular is Memphis heavy funk act Blackrock. “They had a song called 'Yeah Yeah.' I played that song for Damon one night and he just kind of flipped out. I played it for Mos Def and he flipped out,” Auerbach says of the instrumental track that essentially provided a backbone to the project. “The idea was that we would do something raw and sorta heavy — that sort of music with rhyming on top of it.” The song would essentially inspire the name of the project. “When we were figuring out what we wanted to call it, we loved the Blackrock track. Us being the Black Keys, Damon had Roc-A-Fella Records — it was just like 'Let's call it BlakRoc.'” “