Cipher, led by Moe Mitchell (r)

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Cipher's Moe Mitchell a few weeks ago at the Black Rock Conference at Indiana University.  He's good people and definitely about the DIY. You may recall that he recently completed a "Listening Tour" as part of the pre-release efforts for next year's album, "The Joyous Collapse," which drops June 24th.  Well, for now through the end of the year, the talking's over.  Now, it time for some hardcore.  So, here's where you can check out Cipher:

1/27/09 @ Mr. Roboto Project – Pittsburgh PA
11/28/09 @ Urban Warfare – Altoona PA (early show)
11/28/09 @ Cafe Metropolis – Wilkes barre PA
11/29/09 @ Broadway – Amityville NY
12/4/09   @ Keyport VFW – Keyport NJ
12/11/09 @ Polish Club – Phoenixville PA
12/12/09 @ The Backstage – Woodmere NY
12/13/09 @ Jason's Upstairs Bar – Hudson NY
12/17/09 @ The Glass Door – Brooklyn NY
12/19/09 @ Fins Pub – Oakdale NY
12/20/09 @ Championship Bar and Grill – Trenton NJ
12/30/09 @ Rides Night Club – Herkimer NY

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