I'm thrilled to share this with you all.  For those of you who don't know Ed Marshall, he's a talented photographer with a sharp eye.  He's usually the guy with the camera at a lot of black rock, Afro-Punk and URB Alt shows.  He's also done a lot of publicity photos for our family of bands, such as Game Rebellion, Apollo Heights and Dragons of Zynth, to name a few.  Anyway, he's just released his first of a planned three book series of his photographs that he's captured over the course of the last three years.


Writing about the book he says:

the photo book, it shows some of  the New York City underground music
& artist scene. Capturing some of the most versatile and talented
artists throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond. If you have stepped foot
in New York City to perform or attend a show. You may not have seen me,
but I  just may have captured you. Phocused is a book  full of energy,
color and beauty, making it a great addition to any coffee table or
personal library. The book is 13×11, 104 pages of 129 images in black
& white and full color imagery.  I ask that you make a little time
to take a look at the below links. If you feel the urge to support or
you know of anyone who would be interested in the photo book, a
purchase or forward would be much appreciated. 


Please consider supporting Ed.  His book makes an incredible holiday gift for that music lover in your life.  Check these links for the version of PhocusED of your choice:

Additional link:

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