After mosh pits all around the country and a  mixtape that just left people wanting more, the Rebels are finally coming.

If you're keeping track of things, you might've already marked February 8 for Sade's new album.  Add January 18 to your important 2010 music dates, 'cause that's when Game Rebellion's studio EP, Sounds Like A Riot, drops.

For now, check out the first single, "Blind," which brims with their signature ferocity and thought-provoking lyrics.

While you're doing that, check out some shots from last week's listening party at Fight Klub Studios.

Game Rebellion's MC Netic (l), drummer Aaron and friend

The crowd in effect.

Manager Keith White making sure the sound is just right

Game Rebellion's Aaron and bassist Chief Med

DJ and producer CX KIDTRONIK (l) on the flow-through.

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