(above) Swaby of The Heavy

More community shout outs:

Danielle Scruggs, Washington, DC, photographer says:

"Really been feeling Laughing Man, a rock/blues band in the DC area especially the song "Gestures". I saw them at a show back in June and even though the venue kind of sucked, they were great."

Mona Martinez shouts out:

"Year of the Dragon's Blunt Force karma. Dirty Walt's Still smokin'.  One of the best records for 2009.  Also, thought their show at SXSW was great."

Christian Ericson, NYC, fine artist & designer, shouts out:

"Hindi Zahra, a Moroccan/Berber chantuese from Paris.  Accolades so far have been referring to her as the Patti Smith of North Africa and the love child of Django Reinhardt and Billie Holiday." 

Kaos Blac, Brooklyn, NY, Promoter/Party goer/blogger

Best new albums

Best new video

Best Singles

Howard Hobson, California, Music fan

Crown of Thorns, "Faith"
Death, "For The Whole World To See"
Peekaboo Theory, "Sy~3nc3 & Pr( )gr@m5"
Soul of Black John, "Black John"
The Heavy, "The House That Dirt Built"
Living Colour, "The Chair In The Doorway"
Noisettes, "Wild Young Hearts"
Maktub, "Five"
Black Merda, "Force of Nature"
Ben Harper, "White Lies For Dark Times"
U.S. (United Soul), "Music With Funkadelic"
Jesse Johnson, "Verbal Penetration Volume I & II"
Pure Hell, "Noise Addiction"
irRadio, "I Am the Horn"
Whole Wheat Bread, "Hearts of Hoodlums"
Rain Machine, "Rain Machine"
Prince, "LOtUSFLOW3R"
Dallas Austin Experience, "8Dazeaweakend"
Voodo Fe', "Double Black Digits"
"Boldaslove.us Presents: Fire In The Dark"
Res, "Black.Girls.Rock!"
Funkadelic – "Toys"
Chuck Mosley, "Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food"
Stew, "A Midnight Summer's Dream"

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