This is the first of what I expect will be many dispatches from the East Bay, courtesy of blogger Sierra McClain, who regularly laces her readers with reviews, interviews, commentary and other musical treats over at WithANameLikeSierra.com.  You can also follow her on Twitter @sierrainthecity. — Rob

The most common, apparent
and abundant trait present in people from the Bay Area is deep-seeded pride in
their community…and what a community it is! The Bay culture is ripe with
pride in its past, determination for the present and responsibility for what
the future will become. You can trip and fall on a brother or sister with a
revolutionary mind out here. These are people who have looked hatred in the
face and stared down death in all its colors (see the long history of homicides-many
related to police brutality), but yet their spirits are resilient, their hearts
hopeful and they are determined to make the world a little better than it was
yesterday. Having grown up seeing the best and worst of all that the Bay has to
offer, a new generation of musicians is now poised to carry on the revolutionary
torch in their own way, with music as their platform.

I met HOTTUB backstage
before sound check at the Party Corps'* Fantasy Carnival. Their music is
everything that they are: fun, fierce and brimming with Oakland flavor! I am
more than pleased to bring this interview with HOTTUB to you as my very first
contribution to Bold As Love….enjoy! 


SIERRA: Tell me the name of your
band, how it came about, if you ever went by another name and how you guys
formed a band.

HOTTUB: This was inspired by the
infamous Eddie Murphy skit on SNL where he pretends to be James Brown in a
hottub in gold swimming trunks and sings, "Hottub, gonna make you
hottah!" Jaysonic was producing music under that name and it just

We could never have a different name
‘coz the name chose us, not us it. 

One day Coco and Jaysonic were on Jerry
Springer discussing the merits of a paternity claim. When all of a sudden, out
from the crowd comes Funky Finger Mark claiming that the baby was his. Then out
came Ambr33zy and Lolipop claiming to also be bearing children from the two
alleged fathers. This was a sign that we need to be one. We needed to be
family. We stopped the fighting and started the loving! Ladies and gents, the
birth of HOTTUB!



SIERRA: Introduce me to the band
members and their roles in the band.

HOTTUB: Coco Machete AKA Nicole Feliciano:

Ambr33zy AKA Amber Griffin-Royal:

Lolipop AKA Jenifer Lin: vox

Jaysonic AKA Jason Stinnett: super

Funky Finger Mark AKA Mark Gregory:


SIERRA: Throw your sets up! Where do
you live and why do you love it?

HOTTUB: We love living in Oakland,
because of taco trucks, street walkers, pimps, pushers, hoes, and a whole lot
of “ebmud” (the best tap water in the world).

SIERRA: Does HOTTUB identify with a particular
musical genre?

HOTTUB: Straight edge butt core. 


SIERRA: What are your musical

HOTTUB: Candy Pants, Betty Davis, Suicide,
X-Ray Specs, ESG, Sly and Family Stone, Beastie Boys, The Slits, B-52s, Belle Epoque,
John Waters, Lydia Lunch, Mighty Boosh, Devo, MJ, Sun-Ra, Parliament, Big L,
the list can go on, but most of all Oakland!!!! 

SIERRA: How would you describe your
music to someone who has never heard it before?

HOTTUB: It’s like a deaf person
hearing for the first time! John Waters meets Daft Punk at a 2 Live Crew show. 


SIERRA: Do you have or are you
signed to a record label?

HOTTUB: We currently put all our
stuff out on our own label, Le Heat Recordings! Peep our label mates Icy Lytes
from L.A. and Lleggs from the Biggity Bay! 

SIERRA: What are some of your most
memorable shows?


HOTTUB: US tour w/ the Ting Tings, playing
Gilman for the first time, opening for MIA at the Concourse, Black Box Review
in Springfield, MO just to name a few!

SIERRA: Who writes your music? 

HOTTUB: Bill Nye the Science Guy!  

SIERRA: What direction do you see
the band going in 2010? Any specific plans?

HOTTUB: We plan on releasing a full
length and hittin’ the road! Hopefully we’ll make it out of the States this
year; maybe Europe, Asia and whoever else will have us! Gotta spread the seeds! 

SIERRA: Which do you prefer: studio
time/creating new music or touring/live shows?

HOTTUB: Tourorizing live shows!

SIERRA: Describe what it’s like to
experience your live shows.

HOTTUB: Ouch! 


SIERRA: Do you have any new music
being released soon? 

HOTTUB: Yes. We’re workin’ on a full
length due in the Spring. 

SIERRA: Do you have any upcoming

HOTTUB: Please peep our MySpace for upcoming shows. 


SIERRA: Are there videos to any of
your songs?

HOTTUB: Yes! “1-2-3-GO!” It’s on our
MySpace, too. And a shit load of YouTube clips, search: “HOTTUB Oakland Live.” 

SIERRA: What's the #1 priority for
your band right now?

HOTTUB: To infiltrate the religious
right, learn their ways and use it against them! 

SIERRA: Plans to tour any time soon?

HOTTUB: For sure! We’re headin’ out
to SXSW, then hopefully a full tour in the summer. 


SIERRA: Where can we find you on the

HOTTUB: Official Blog , MySpace, Twitter, Facebook

SIERRA: How can we buy your music?

HOTTUB: Please peep us on iTunes. 

SIERRA: How can we contact HOTTUB for

HOTTUB: hottub.oakland@gmail.com, ATTN: Jason
Stinnett (Sierra Says: Jason made this interview possible….thanks Jason!)

SIERRA: Best thing about being in HOTTUB?


HOTTUB: Meeting rad people, making
the world smaller everyday!!

SIERRA: Your fantasy show or tour
line up?

HOTTUB: Opening for a Manny
Paqiau fight in the Philippines!


Photo cred: Baleout Photos, Black Box Revue, John Kurc and Myleen Hollero

*Sierra Says: Party Corps is a San Francisco based non-profit social network that throws parties to educate the public on social and environmental issues, raise money on behalf of beneficiary good causes and to have fun! 

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  • Chloe

    i saw them on tuesday at echoplex! they ROCK!