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Now that we’re past the holidays, many of you have been asking me if I plan to be in Austin again this year for SXSW.  You may recall that I asked for your support in voting for my panel suggestion for the 2010 festival.  Unfortunately, that panel won’t be happening.  But, the festival reached out to me to see if I wanted to interview Detroit proto punk band Death (brothers Dannis, left, and Bobby, above).

At first, i thought it was for their onsite publication, The Daily Chord.  Their response completely caught me by surprise: What they wanted was for me to run a live interview with the band at the festival.  Wow.  So, I said yes, and I just found out last week that the band also agreed.  We’re just waiting to finalize a date, based on the band’s schedule.

Here’s the part where I need some help.

SXSW provides a great platform for artists and presenters, and this is, without a doubt, an incredible opportunity.  However, beyond the free conference registration (a $500-700 value if you paid for it), the festival doesn’t subsidize any travel expenses.  This means that I have to cover my own travel and my hotel.  Last year, I spent over $1,200 in order to participate on a panel.  I’m looking at a similar bill this year, and I just don’t have it.

So, I’m asking you to help me out.  I’d like to raise $1,200 from the readers of towards my trip to SXSW so that I can interview Death.  Up towards the right corner, you’ll see a Donate button.  If you find what we’ve been able to do in this space valuable, please consider a donation.  Seriously, I’m talking $1, $5 or $10, whatever you feel the value is that this site has provided to you over the last three years.  If that goal is surpassed–or if I have money left over after the trip–I’ll put the remainder towards a site upgrade, i.e., a WordPress conversion and a redesign.

I’m using Paypal, so you can be assured that you’ll have a secure transaction.  Thanks again for your continued support, and I’ll appreciate whatever support you can provide.

Stay tuned.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress towards the goal, as well as what the date of the interview will be as soon as it’s locked down.

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