You may recall a few weeks ago that I announced that I'd been asked to conduct a live interview with legendary Detroit punk band Death at this year's upcoming SXSW Music Festival.  The interview will take place on Saturday, March 20 at 2pm, so for those of you who'll be in Austin, please mark your calendars.  It's a huge honor and I'm thrilled to do so.

All that said, I'm trying to figure out ways to cover expenses to get down there.  Therefore, I'm asking you, the readers and the community to help me out.  If you've found the work that's been going on in this space for the last three years valuable, then I hope you'll consider making a small donation–$1, $5, $10, whatever–via this link.  Literally, whatever you provide will help defray travel costs.  The reality is, even on the cheap, getting to SXSW can end up costing close to $1,000 or more.  That's nothing for someone who's on a corporate expense account: they'll turn in their receipts when they get back to the office the following week.

That ain't my situation.  It's all out-of-pocket expenses at a time when this blog has yet to generate significant money, if at all.  Now that hasn't stopped me from cranking out over 620 posts, doing events, releasing a free compilation album that's been downloaded over 10,000 times, and supporting a ton of artists.  But, it's not paying the bills around here.  For that I (thankfully) still have a day job.

So, I want to thank those of you who've already donated, and encourage the rest to consider doing so, especially if you've gotten any value from this blog over the last three years.  Any money that's left over from the trip will be used to improve the blog.  Specifically, I'm planning to transition everything to WordPress to improve your experience on the site, but I know that's not going to be cheap given the number of links that I have to keep intact.

Thanks in advance.  I'll appreciate whatever amount you can donate.  Click below to get started.

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  • SSV

    We absolutely appreciate all you do to wave the flag and let people know that we’re here and we’re not going anywhere.
    thanks rob,