Earl Greyhound (l to r): Matt Whyte, Kamara Thomas, Ricc Sheridan

Now that we’ve gotten through the anticipation leading up to the release of the new Sade album, it’s time to mark your calendars for April 13.  That’s when the new Earl Greyhound album, Suspicious Package, drops.  I’ll come back with a full album review around the time of the release.  However, I really wanted to share two of my favorite tracks.

Both tracks are so good you’ll

  • Sit in front of the speakers with the volume all the way up
  • Tell your kids to shut up ’cause you’re trying to hear something
  • Let your mama’s call got to voicemail (some of you do this already!)

Seriously, this band is blazing.  “Ghost” strikes me as more of an all-out jam than a traditional song.  But it works.  In fact, check out the break at around 1:25 when Matt comes in.  Killer.  “Shotgun” is fire.  What’s more, it’s great to hear the confidence in Kamara’s voice.

My free A&R advice: “Shotgun” should be the focus track, if not the single.  It feels right, right down to its hook-y chorus.

FYI: Another album track, “Oye Vaya” is available now as part of the recent Afro-Punk compilation, Fuck Rockstars.

Ghost and the Witness


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  • c_z

    Wow..WOW! They are fantastic!
    I had never heard about them *shame* I can’t wait for the album!

  • Shotgun is massive. Will have mosh-pits rollicking fo sho!