So, in addition to rock bands, Kenyans are making science fiction films.  How cool is that?

Pumzi, directed by Wanuri Kahiu, is an official selection from the recent Sundance Film Festival.  More expectations being confounded, right?

For more info on the film, head over to my man G. Kofi Annan's blog, Annansi Chronicles.  He's got his finger on the pulse of many of transformations going on in Africa.  Always a good read.

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  • I just saw Pumzi at New York’s African Film Festival and was astounded. Wanuri Kahiu, the writer and director, avoids bashing viewers over the head with rhetoric about recycling, global warming, or the wastefulness of over-consumption. Instead, she uses details–such as the way humans are employed to generate energy in this future world–to speculate the consequences of our current practices. Pumzi manages to be both sparse and complete. This is a must-see film.