Okay, I'm a few days late on this.  My bad.

Turns out Passing Strange collaborators Stew and Heidi are back at it again, and have been since Wednesday night, when they opened their six night stand of Making It.  It's running at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn through Monday, February 22.  From the site:

St. Ann’s Warehouse is commissioning Making It, a new concert presentation by Passing Strange
creators, Stew and Heidi Rodewald. A multi-media, rock show collage of
song, text, and video, the show traces the unlikely careers of Stew and
Heidi from the dive rock clubs of Hollywood to the footlights of
Broadway — with Stew as your helpful guide to Making It.

Are you Making It?

What are you making?

And how are you Making It?

When do you know you’ve made it?

And are you having fun Making It?

Or are you just barely Making It?

Neither Stew nor Heidi was able to answer any of these questions.

­That­’s why they made this show.

Tickets are $45 and $78.  There's also something St. Ann's calls a "virtual rush", which enables you get tix for $20.  Info on that here.

Additional link:

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