Atlanta has been home to Alternative “Urban” or Urb-Alt music for decades.  This episode I speak with Cufrock, formerly of Atlanta-Based Major Label (Virgin/Arista)group El Pus. We talk about the beginnings of his sound, the early 90s Atlanta scene and how his sound graduated into fusion from Hip Hop.

We talk about connections to Tony Rock (Atlanta Hip Hop pioneer), Anthony David, Proton, Hollyweerd, The Dolldaze,  Heavy Mojo, 100 Monkeys, K.I.N (Sol Messiah, Saul Williams, et al), The Micronauts and more…

Check out Cufrock online:



The Committee For the Destruction of Modern Music

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  • I posted a comment on here an hour ago and I dunno what happened to it? I wish you would’ve let me hear this before we talked cuz I could’a piggy-backed off Cuf’s entry, as it connects real heavy with mine in so many ways. Everything he said is right on the f@ckin money!! …and even though he plugged Richard Raymond, neither one of us got to mention his group The Reutes (roots). Who were managed by Corey Smyth of Blacksmyth Management, as in, the same one who now manages Kweli. We also forgot Lyrical Giants, Bonecrusher’s group. So much history, with so much that’s happened since. Big up to CufRock, you know what it is homie!!