The Audacity of Humanity Ebook

A couple of honors this week. The first: I was asked to contribute to the above project, which was put together by ethnomusicologist and TED fellow Kyra Gaunt. Here’s what she wrote about the project:

The Audacity of Humanity features over 35 authors, 
ages 10 to 63, from 5
continents, representing multiple ethnicities, sexualities and belief
systems with different abilities and limitations. We are ONE people, the
human race, courageously up-ending stereotypes and generalizations.

contributor offers their story as a radical transformation of what
leadership can be. We are not contained by description (check out our
bios). We can agree to be offended 
and stay connected. From A to Zed,
we are a collective testament to the audacity of humanity.

is free. Liberate this. Tweet it, email it, post it on your own site.

Check it out and see what you think.  If you find it valuable, become a fan on Facebook and encourage others to do so.  After all, who doesn’t need some inspiration?

Note that Scribd enables you to download and/or print the ebook easily.

Additional link:

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