Ta-Nehisi Coates is a brilliant and thoughtful writer.  If you haven't checked out his book, The Beautiful Struggle, please do.  It's a powerful story about Ta-Nehisi and his father.  He also writes a regular column for, which is where I pulled this nugget about the Grand Old Party:

This is who they are–the proud and ignorant. If you believe that
if we still had segregation we wouldn't "have had all these problems,"
this is the movement for you. If you believe that your president is a
Muslim sleeper agent, this is the movement for you. If you honor
a flag raised explicitly to destroy this country then this is the
movement for you. If you flirt with secession, even
, then this movement is for you. If you are a "Real
American" with no demonstrable interest in "Real America" then, by God,
this movement of alchemists and creationists, of anti-science and hair
tonic, is for you.

You can read his full post here.

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