Funkface/Mackie Riverside/Dope Sagittarius frontman and Primordial Punk co-founder Luqman Brown is currently flexing his acting chops in an off-Broadway production called Caligula Maximus, which takes place during the final party thrown by the depraved Roman emperor.  Luqman tells me: "I'm a main character [Sulla], the Peanut vendor who is the foreteller of doom
for Caligula and I get to sing a thrash punk song at the end."  Fitting, right?

front row L-R) JerZ Short, Justine Joli, Ryan Knowles, Anya
Sapozhnikova, (back row: L-R) Tim DAX, Luqman Brown, Roxanne Edwards
Photo by Lia Chang

The production, which has been getting great reviews, runs through next Saturday, April 17.  Speaking of reviews, here's what had to say about Caligula Maximus:

Caligula Maximus is one big, punk rock smackdown answer to sissy hippie Hair. Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Coney Island Sideshow is how best to describe writer/director Alfred Preisser and writer Randy Weiner’s Caligula Maximus, a loveably scruffy and ragged extravaganza set on the last night of the debauched dictator’s life… Caligula announces its rebel intentions with a live rock band and a hodgepodge of pro bodybuilders, burlesque babes, aerialists and assorted tattooed and pierced talent that dance, writhe, walk on stilts and swing through the air as the audience enters the theater’s circus tent setup. And the show’s casting speaks volumes. Riding in on a giant golden penis against the backdrop of crumbling Roman Empire columns is the Mick Jagger resembling Ryan Knowles as Caligula…

Here's a video preview:

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