Earl Greyhound – Shotgun from think/feel on Vimeo.


Is what I'm sayin'!

Now y'all know where I stand on this song: It is a straight banger!  Glad the band and their management heeded my sage advice (I have thyme and elderberry advice, if anyone needs that, too!).  Seriously, this is the right song for this band at this moment in their career.  I think it'll do a lot to get folks excited to check them out on tour with OK Go.

And I like that it's more impressionistic than a straight narrative, especially the way that Matt's soup-making marks the time til the end of the song.  Ricc, well, it looked like he was having a hard time not breaking out into more of a head-nod: After all, it's a killer groove he's laying down.  And you get to see Kamara do her glam/native/shaman/punk rock look. Director Chell Stephen (he also directed BLK JKS's "Molalatladi") is to be commended.

Hat tip to Shawn Peters for the heads up.

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