Over 500 people joined us for the launch of WRFB last night!  And thanks to all who tuned in, not just for my show, but for the segments hosted by YankeeZulu, Christian Wikane and Shelley Nicole.

I'll have info on a link to the podcast shortly.  In the meantime, here's my set list (song/artist/time/album):

  1. Ready to Move – The Thirst    3:53    Afro-punk VOL2 "FUCK ROCK STARS"
  2. Ghost And The Witness    3:44    Earl Greyhound    Suspicious Package   
  3. DLZ    3:49    TV On The Radio    Dear Science       
  4. Freedom is Over    Sophia Ramos    Revelator
  5. Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine    3:00    Carolina Chocolate Drops    Genuine Negro Jig   
  6. STORY    4:10    The Family Stand    Definition   
  7. On Planet Earth    4:24    California King    Adoration of the Boogie Bear   
  8. FOUR4    4:32    the CAESARZ    all hail 2.0       
  9. So Have I    3:04    TECLA    Strangers In Masks       
  10. Huff + Puff    3:58    Just A Band    82    Akwaaba Music     
  11. Wasted (Fill My House With Salt)    5:39    MuthaWit    men & women  
  12. Caught    5:27    Tamar-kali    Black Bottom       

It was cool, too, to be able to have a world premiere.  Yes, those of you who listened got to hear a new track off the forthcoming album by MuthaWit featuring Boston Fielder.  The song was "Wasted (Fill My House With Salt)".  No worries, I'll be posting it in a day or so, and the song will be available on Sunday, Mother's (Mutha's) Day.  So, that's why you've got to tune in: You never know what you'll hear.  Whether it's the unveiling of a new song,  a special guest interview (Christian interviewed singer Russell Taylor), or one of Shelley Nicole's great themed shows (last night was "Law & Order").

The summer's only gonna get hotter!

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