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Harriet Tubman (l tor): Melvin Gibbs, JT Lewis, Brandon Ross

(photo: Michael Halsband)

A good weekend of music:

Tomorrow night, Harriet Tubman–Brandon Ross, JT Lewis, and Melvin Gibbs–perform selections that explore "the impressive catalogue of avant-jazz
pianist/harpist/organist and composer Alice Coltrane."

This is at the 92Y Tribeca.  More info here, but tix are $12.  Doors at 8pm, show starts at 9pm with an opener. Worth seeing HT if you can make it.


Yeah, I know it's Mother's Day (or, if you've been paying attention, Mutha's Day), but this looks to be a hot show. Not familiar with Man on Earth, so I can't vouch either way.  However, Malene Younglao has a powerful voice. Glad to see that she's putting off that "retirement" thing.  Looks like med school will have to wait.

And Game Rebellion?  If you've never seen 'em, then here's two words: They. Rock. The mosh pit will be in effect.

A couple of things:

  1. The show is FREE, so go early, grab a lane and get your bowl on
  2. Malik Yoba (NY Undercover and Why Did I Get Married?) will also be performing

Game Rebellion goes on at 9 and they have a 30 minute set.


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