Thanks to Laina Dawes for alerting me that the SXSW team posted a portion of my sit-down Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney and Bobby Duncan. In this clip, they discuss the naming of the band, how they found their producer, and their near-meeting with Gladys Knight.

Thanks again to everyone who donated so that I could make the trip.

UPDATE: For those of you in/around NYC in July, Death will perform as part of Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors program, the 27th Annual Roots of American Music on July 31.  Check it here.

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  • Rob,

    You were really made for this – music curating, journalism, reviews, etc. You have an inherent gift for it.

    So glad that Death is getting some shine after a nearly 30 years of obscurity. It shows it’s never too late to pursue the dreams we all have.

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