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Tune into my show, Sounds from the New Black Imagination, on WRFB-Radio Free Brooklyn on Tuesday, June 15 and you'll get your dose of more tasty musical treats, plus a special interview with URB Alt Festival founder and MuthaWit Orchestra bandleader Boston Fielder (above in a photo by Richardine Bartee).  Of course, he'll be talking about the launch of URB Alt Festival 5 as well as the imminent release of the new MuthaWit album Men & Women or la Revenge de Uncle Baldy.

As a reminder, the Tuesday night WRFB broadcast schedule looks a little somethin' like this:

  • 7-8pm  YankeeZulu's Time Machine
  • 8-9pm  The Flying Perfect Parlor with Christian John Wikane
  • 9-10pm from the New Black Imagination
  • 10-11pm Shelley Nicole and her themed shows

here to listen

Additional link:

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