Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out to this event, but certainly hope to join the AMC next year.

What's the Allied Media Conference, you ask?  Contrary to popular perception, it's another example of some good things that are happening in Detroit. Check it out:

The Allied Media Conference advances our visions for a just and creative
world. It is a laboratory for creativity and media-based solutions.
Since our founding in 1999, we have evolved our definition of media, and
the role it can play in our lives – from zines to video-blogging to
breakdancing, to communicating solidarity and creating justice. Each
conference builds off the previous one and plants the seeds for the
next. Ideas and relationships evolve year-round, incorporating new
networks of media-makers, technologists and social justice organizers.
We draw strength from our converging movements to face the challenges
and opportunities of our current moment. We are ready to create, connect
and transform.

Among the artists performing include Tamar-Kali and Jessica care Moore, among others.


For more info on the 12th Annual Allied Media Conference, click here.

Additional link:

  • Event details for the music events associated with AMC are here
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