Ruxpin Blouse: Whitney Wilkerson (l) and Kimathi Cooper

I enjoyed last night's show, since I got a chance to interview Boston Fielder about the upcoming URB Alt Festival.  Really excited for him and all he's been able to accomplish.  Remember, please support the launch event on Friday, as it's a benefit for Harlem School of the Arts.

In the meantime, here's the playlist (song/artist/album), along with a recording of the show.  Enjoy!

  1. Short Change Hero        The Heavy    The House That Dirt Built       
  2. WhiteFriends        Gordon Voidwell    The Void Mixtape       
  3. Shine        Anti-Pop Consortium    Fluorescent Black       
  4. Touch My Hair        The Cocker Spaniels    Sometimes You've Gotta Fight to Get a Bit of Peace           
  5. Wildcard        Ruxpin Blouse        Bigger Meaner Dog
  6. Boston Fielder interview
  7. Are You Satisfied (Now That It's Over)    MuthaWit    men & women
  8. Regret        Uninterrupted feat. Moon       
  9. Out Of Air        Earl Greyhound    Suspicious Package       
  10. Raised To Be Lowered        Saul Williams    The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!   

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