The 2010 URB Alt Fest picks up even more steam as it heads into its final three days.  This time the venues switches to Galapagos in Brooklyn.  In addition to the lineup of unique artists, get ready for Boston Fielder's homage to Miles Davis' seminal album Bitches Brew. Yes–and especially if you missed that extravaganza in Prospect Park–you have a chance to see how the URB Alt Orchestra runs the voodoo down.

The artists performing on Thursday:

1)Oh My Goodness – Therese Workman, a wiggy lyricist mashed into a
potato of dadaist beat-smithery, pushes the boundaries of alternative
pop music. If you listen closely you might find Therese and her
production partner, Tyler Woods, rollerskating while wrestling
crocodiles in a song. What?!

2)Art Terry – Art Terry is a London, England based multi-instrumentalist
wordplay-meister. He will be touring the US in support of his brilliant
album, "Anutha Kind of Brutha," where he displays twisted
pop/soul/baroque songs with layered lyricism and piano mastery. Art is
also a former bandmate of Stew ("Passing Strange") from back in the day.
Very cool!

3)URB ALT Orchestra is a specially organized group of some of NYC's
finest improvisers who play in homage to Miles Davis' classic "Bitches
Brew." Anything can happen when this mutoid crew of musicians, visual
artists and vocalist gather in the same room.

$10 Cover night of show or $5 in advance with the special code “DISCUA”,
Tickets online: http://url4t.com/gbS

More info on Galapagos Art Space here

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