Galaxy of Tar: Elias Diaz (l) and Naima Mora

One band ends and another forms in its place. Those of you who copped the Boldaslove.us compilation may remember the band Chewing Pics.  That group broke up, but two of its members, Elias Diaz and Naima Mora started a new project, Galaxy of Tar. 

In many ways, it continues the sonic journey they started with Chewing Pics, only now the sound has become more focused.  There was always something there, that indefinable "it" quality about their music. Now, they've taken the next step in their maturation and come with a project that reins in some of the rough edges of the earlier project while still reveling in Diaz's polyrhythms and Mora's fierce, siren wails.

In general, it's hard to do ballads well, but this one is a keeper.  It's taken from their recently released EP, Pneuma, which you can get here.

If you like what you hear, you can check them out at this year's Afro-punk Festival on Sunday, June 27.


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