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In advance of his performance this Saturday at Weeksville Heritage Center, I had a short back and forth with Cody.  Here are the questions along with his responses:

Q: So, it’s been 4 years since you last performed in NYC and about that much time since your last album.  What’s been the best thing that’s come out of taking that much time between albums?

Fatherhood, a clear head and content that I consider to be deeply meaningful.

Q: How has your music changed/evolved in that time?

The music is more mature…it's more spirit driven than some of my previous work.

This body of work vibrates closer to my musical roots.  I wouldn't say that the approach is any different, because my objective is to always capture a moment that I can lean on and draw from.  I'm just applying the same approach to a different phase in my life.

In terms of my attitude toward the process, I've learned to trust what the song is making me feel,  and to really pay attention to the conversation that's taking place within the composition.  Any aspects easier? It's easier to be patient and less distracted…which in turn allows a concept to present itself and it's purpose/function.

Q:  How is Cody ChesnuTT different as a person today than you were four years ago?

How am I different?  A bit more gray hair…more confident in my role as an Artist .. less selfish..more faithful.

Q: Who’s the one person you’d like to perform with that you haven’t yet? 

Sister Lauryn Hill.

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