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Yeah, I know you've been hearing a lot about Weeksville Heritage Center and its upcoming Garden Party series.  After all, Boldaslove.us is a media partner for the series.  So, tonight, we're going to kick things off right and talk with Elissa Blount-Moorhead, Weeksville's director of design, programming and exhibitions (above, top), who will talk about the Garden Party series and how it fits into Weeksville's ongoing vision as a community and historical space.  I'll have Elissa on at 930pm EDT.

Prior to that, you can tune in for the 8pm hour and you'll hear Christian's live, in-studio interview
with the fabulous and talented Maya Azucena.

As ever, the Tuesday night WRFB broadcast schedule looks a
little somethin' like this:

  • 7-8pm  YankeeZulu's Time Machine
  • 8-9pm  The Flying Perfect Parlor with Christian John Wikane
  • 9-10pm Boldaslove.us/Sounds from the New Black Imagination
  • 10-11pm Shelley Nicole and her themed shows

here to listen

Additional link:

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