Here's something cool.  I'm just getting to know the work of Reggie Watts who, on his own, is a comedian and performance artist.  He's also the frontman for the Seattle band Maktub.  The above video is from some of his solo work, in which he creates songs simple using his voice and vocal loops.  His bio says:

Hilarious, brilliant, unpredictable – comedian/musician Reggie Watts is a
staple of the international performance scene. Reggie’s improvised
musical sets are created on-the-spot using only his formidable voice and
a looping machine. No two songs are ever the same. An avowed
"disinformationist," Reggie loves to disorientate his audiences in the
most entertaining way. You may not know what Reggie is going to do, but
that’s okay – he doesn’t either.

The good news is that he's performing tonight in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge. The bad news? The show is sold out.  Sorry.

More on Reggie here.

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