We’re continuing our short chats with the artists performing in the Weeksville Garden Party series.  Meet KimberlyNichole, Seattle native, self-proclaimed “puffy-haired tower of power” and proof that there’s more to that town than coffee!

Say you meet somebody, they find out you’re a singer/songwriter, and they ask you to describe your music. What do you tell them?

Its a mixture of many styles of music.  I’m also really inspired by the music of my hometown Seattle, which growing up was a city known for rock/alternative/grunge.  And I’m also inspired by the music my parents always played -Soul and Gospel.

Besides your own music, what’s on heavy rotation in your iPod right now?
English Rock Soul group The Heavy, Mali Music, Fela and Grace Jones.

What artist would you most like to work with right now, and why?
Cee-Lo Green! I love him and what he’s done throughout his career from Goodie Mobb to Gnarls Barkley.  He really embraces all types and styles of music.  I love his writing and his voice is unique with such color.

What’s the kindest thing anyone’s ever told you after seeing you perform?
That my passion in performing fueled something new in them.  Very humbling to hear that- because I do this for the people..yes I enjoy it, but the purpose in my performances and music is to move, touch and even inspire those there to experience it.

After this Weeksville performance, what’s next for Kimberly Nichole?
Performing performing and more performing…continuing to move and introduce KimberlyNichole & the Yellow Brick Journey to the universe.

Kimberly Nichole “CRAZY” LIVE @ SOB’s 11/18/09 from Emiliano Styles on Vimeo.

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