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This show had a “rock-meets-rap” theme to it, at least in the early section.  Take a listen, too, for my interview with David E. Beats.  He’s got an interesting take on the N-word and its usage.

Anyway, here are the songs (song/artist/album):

  1. Rock Box    Run-DMC    Run-DMC: Greatest Hits
  2. Maybe Tomorrow    David E. Beats and the White House Band
  3. Kill the Radio      Blitz the Ambassador    StereoLive
  4. OMG OMG    Oh My Goodness    URB ALT Sampler-Tres
  5. Politicians In My Eyes  Death    …For The Whole World To See
  6. Ancestors        Gonjasufi with Flying Lotus      URB ALT Sampler-Tres
  7. David E. Beats interview
  8. Walk In    David E. Beats and the White House Band
  9. Smiling Black Faces    Rain Machine    Rain Machine
  10. Nu Rose    Stoni Taylor    URB ALT Sampler-Tres

Two embeds here.  First, the full show:


. . .and my interview with David E. Beats


Additional link:

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