Honored to be part of this event tomorrow at the new Lincoln Center Atrium, where I’ll help friend and BRC executive director Earl Douglas celebrate the publication of his photo book.  It’s a FREE event that starts at 8:30 with a Q&A between Earl and I.  Then, at about 8:45, Dragons of Zynth take the stage.  Definitely a band worth seeing.  See what I had to say about them here.

Yes, there will be a few copies of the book on hand for sale, so please consider supporting this important effort in documentation and iconography.  In fact, here’s the blurb from Blurb.com:

Photographer Earl Douglas has been a part of the Black Rock scene since 1988. A longtime supporter and current Executive Director for The Black Rock Coalition, Douglas has a unique access to what many consider to be the last true Alternative Music scene. “Black Rock Volume 1” is a collection of photos that he’s taken through the years along with some of his thoughts and observations about the gifted musicians. It’s a must have for anyone who’s a fan of rock n roll and for those curious about the Black experience in the medium.

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