Nona Hendryx tonight and Detroit punk royalty Death tomorrow, all at Lincoln Center Out of Doors!

Another weekend of great music in the city. The unsinkable Nona Hendryx weaves her magic tonight (7:30pm) at Damrosch Park bandshell.  Her show’s called Songs, Sins and Memories. A great description of her is on the LC site:

Nona Hendryx has been a maverick at every stage of her shape-shifting career, from early days with girlgroup The Bluebelles to scoring hits as a co-founder of black rock/funk superstars Labelle to charming the underground with her raucous ingenuity and songwriting prowess. With Nona, even a retrospective can double as a leap into the future.

Along with her performance, Nicholas Leichter and Monstah Black present a reinterpretation of The Wiz for generation Obama.

Then, on Saturday, Death comes to Lincoln Center!  I had a chance to talk to them and see them perform at SXSW this year.  There’s is a success story 35 years in the making, so check them out if you can.  They’re performing as part of the 27th Annual Roots of American Music series and are in the 5:00pm set.  Not sure of their exact set times.  Cool, too, is the fact that the whole day is devoted to the Motor City, a program called the Detroit Breakdown, which “showcases the spiritual continuum and musical progression that has long served as the hallmark of a true artistic metropolis.”

Info on The Detroit Breakdown is here.

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