Keep the stream alive!

Shouts to Brooklyn Movie Labs, which continues to provide space and a platform for our Internet community radio station.  All of us–YankeeZulu, Christian John Wikane, Shelley Nicole and I–feel that it’s great and important work that we’re doing by providing a space for next generation artists and the music that we love, but don’t hear enough of on terrestrial radio.

But it costs. Thusfar, Brooklyn Movie Labs has been shouldering the burden 100%.  Problem is, BML is a startup, too.  So, we need your help.

Saturday kicks off the first of three fund drives, with the others coming on August 17 and 26.  This Saturday, the WRFB team will be live in the studios with a host of talent and, for a $10 donation, you can sit in and experience great live music.  Check the Facebook page for Saturday’s lineup.

If you can’t make it, please consider donating via the Paypal link on the Brooklyn Movie Labs site.

Additional link:

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