So, I’m back on the Internet tomorrow night for my regularly scheduled hour on WRFB.  It was good to spend time with family and I’m coming back rested and rejuvenated.

I’ve always said that the black rock vibe is about more than just the music.  It’s about a whole mindset.  In fact, the music is a great soundtrack to the cultural shift that’s being felt throughout all black cultural production.  Case in point: the theater.  I’ll be joined by playwright Keith Josef Adkins (above)  to talk about why he and some colleagues are launching The New Black Fest, and why the world needs another forum for emerging playwrights from the African diaspora.

He’ll be on around 930pm.  Before and after that, check out the latest sounds from the new black imagination.

As ever, the Tuesday night WRFB broadcast schedule looks a little somethin’ like this:

  • 7-8pm  YankeeZulu’s Time Machine
  • 8-9pm  The Flying Perfect Parlor with Christian John Wikane
  • 9-10pm from the New Black Imagination
  • 10-11pm Shelley Nicole and her themed shows

Click here to listen.

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