Hope for hip hop: @J_Live3TP aka J-Live

I did something different here and made it an all hip hop night.  I’ve said before that, as people who support progressive black music, it’s important not to forget that we must also support those progressive voices in hip hop.  I know I’ve got to be better at this.  But it’s ridiculous to believe that this music will ever change if we don’t support those who are trying to create substantive work.  It’s that simple.

Also, I had a great conversation with Keith Josef Adkins of the New Black Fest.  He comes in about halfway through.

Anyway, here’s the playlist for the night (song/artist/album):

  1. The Carpenter            Homeboy Sandman             The Good Sun
  2. Dying to Live feat. John Forté            Blitz the Ambassador            StereoLive
  3. HBE SPOTTIE  Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
  4. Thieves In The Night  Black Star            Black Star
  5. Think Of One              Robert Glasper            Double Booked
  6. The 4th 3rd            J-Live            All Of The Above
  7. Let It Rattle           P.O.S.                        Never Better
  8. The Pocket           Tabi Bonney            A Fly Guy’s Theme

Also, if you dig where Keith and his partners at the New Black Fest are coming from, please support.  The new Website is now live.  For donations, you can give either online or via regular ol’ mail.  Online donations can be made via:


Snail mail can be sent to

The New Black Fest
P.O. Box 663
New York, NY 10012

All checks should be made payable to: Fractured Atlas.
However, in MEMO LINE please write The New Black Fest.

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