@invincibleDET @jeedo47 As many of you know, Detroit is a city that has struggled mightily during this recession.  And long before the recession hit, Detroit was having hard times.  When you saw a movie that purported to tell a “gritty story from the hard streets of America” that film was usually set in the D.  So much so that the city became the butt of many jokes.  As in, “Yeah, but who wants to live in Detroit?”

But, see, I have family in Detroit, my wife’s side, and I’ve become protective of the city.  So those jokes, if any of them ever were funny, certainly aren’t now.  What I’ve come to understand–and what’s so easy to forget–is that Detroit is a city like any other, full of people raising families, going to work, building businesses and chasing dreams.   And let’s not forget Detroit’s two major contributions to this country in the 20th century: The auto industry and Motown.  Maybe on the strength of those two things, we should all be trying to help that city rebuild.  At the very least, we should shut the fuck up with the jokes and snide remarks.

‘Cuz the city will rebuild.  It’s happening now.  If there’s one thing that’s not in short supply in Detroit is hustle.  You could easily make the case that DIY in the Detroit DNA.

Case in point: Invincible.  In addition to being a killer MC, she’s a community activist, is involved in the Allied Media Conference and works with at-risk youth, all in addition to running a label and production company, Emergence Media.

Honestly, I’m not as familiar with Waajeed, but I do know of his work with Platinum Pied Piers and Tiombe Lockhart.  Looking forward to learning more.

Anybody who’s doing something positive in or for the D gets my vote.  Check out this double sided video.  Good work that holds the promise of much more to come.

Invincible + Waajeed – “Detroit Summer”/”Emergence” from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

More info on the Invincible/Waajeed project is here.

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