Yes, you read that right.  The Family Stand–Peter Lord, Sandra St. Victor, and V. Jeffrey Smith–will release their fifth studio album officially on September 7. [It’s actually available NOW!] This one’s kinda special because they’ve agreed to release it in conjunction with!

Here’s what we’re gonna do: The album will be available exclusively via Bandcamp.  We’re going to do a modified Radiohead-style release.  That is, you can pay what you want for the album, as long as it meets the $5 minimum payment.  The Family Stand and I agreed on this pricing setup because, after all, it costs money to make the music.  They should make something from their music, so that they can continue to make music.  Seems pretty straightforward to me.

The other cool thing is that $1 from every download will be donated to The Prevent Cancer Foundation, a non-profit whose work the group feels strongly about.

If you want to bookmark the link (or share it with friends), the album will be available at  You can stream it here, too.  Kind of a try before you buy situation.  But, really, what’s to try?  It’s The Family Stand, yo!


1. In A Thousand Years
2. Bang Bang
3. Shut Up
4. How I Got Over
5. Story
6. Definition
7. So Happy Together
8. Bou’ree in E Minor
9. He Loves Me
10. Destination
11. Never Say
12. This Too Will Pass
13. The Last Time We’re Here

You can also hear the title track by clicking below:

[audio:|titles=01 In A 1,000 Years]

Additional link:

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