Happy to report that the group my wife Bridgett co-founded, ringShout, is starting a reading series. You may recall that ringShout is a group of writers and editors whose mission is to support Black literary fiction and create opportunities for audiences, particularly African American ones, to discover more complex literary works.

This event will be part of the Brooklyn Book Festival and takes place next Friday, September 10 at Littlefield. The writers who’ll read are (above, l to r):

Did I mention that I get to DJ?

Now I’m not gonna front like I’ve read all of their work, or that I keep up with the latest hot writers.  It’s enough to keep up with what’s happening in the music world.  But, real talk, you can check for yourself and see that these are all acclaimed brothas and sistas.  Literary excellence, indeed.

All the details:

Friday, September 10

622 Degraw (bet 3rd/4th Aves)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Suggested donation at the door: $5

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