Photo: Susan Duke Riddle

You may remember Valerie June from the recent Weeksville Garden Party series.  Currently, she’s trying to raise $15,000 to produce her first album with noted producer Craig Street, who’s produced for Norah Jones, Cassandra Wilson, Meshell Ndegeocello and a gang of others.

Not familiar with the platform she’s using called Kickstarter?  It’s a space that enables you to do community fundraising for projects.  However, the catch is that you’ve got a certain amount of time to raise the money, or you get NONE of it.  In Valerie June’s case, she’s got until October 12.

Check out the video above.  If you’re so moved, drop a couple of bucks in the kitty.  Don’t be surprised if crowdsourced funding of arts projects picks up steam.  With little significant support of the arts in the country, it’s nice to see that we’re all empowered to digitally pass the hat.

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