Shout out to @KaosBlac for putting me onto The Five One.  He’s been a big booster of this band for a while now.

They’re an interesting because of the concept behind the group.  Don’t get me wrong: They’re all solid musicians and, as a group, I think they have a lot of potential.  However, they’ve come up with this philosophical term that they call Revalulion (rev-uh-loo-lee-n).  According to the band, Revalulion

is the action of personifying oneself as a color, which is a philosophical term coined by the band. The members of The Five One Red, Blue, Green, and Gold, have simplified themselves from the complexities of societal identity by becoming colors.

For now, let’s run with it.  I’m sure their mothers still call them by their given names.  In the meantime, check out their video, which gives you a sense of how they meld their pop, rock and hip hop sensibilities.  Nicely done, guys.

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