I jumped all over the place tonight, starting with The Fish Police (above, from the UK).  To wit (song/artist/album):

  1. Black Scissors The Fish Police    The Fish Police EP
  2. Born 2 Luv U        Abby  Dobson    Sleeping Beauty: You Are the One You Have Been Waiting On – Volumood One
  3. I Can’t Wait (Gordon Voidwell Remix)    Twin Shadow I Can’t Wait (Gordon Voidwell Remix)
  4. Shadow    Gordon Voidwell    The Void Mixtape
  5. I Found God In Myself    Mem Nahadr        Soundtrack – For Colored Girls
  6. 4U    Zion I    Atomic Clock    Rap
  7. Keep Shining        Shad    Tsol (Us)
  8. The What If’s        Jaguar Wright    Denials, Delusions And Decisions
  9. Will Never Cease Us From Motioning Air        Galaxy Of Tar    Pneuma
  10. Live From Tigre Lounge    Mulatu Astatke    The Heliocentrics
  11. The 54 – Crazy -Dominate EP MP3

The Fish Police will be at the Lincoln Center Atrium on Thursday, November 4.

Galaxy of Tar will be at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on Thursday, November 4.  They hit at 11PM.

In Atlanta, The 54 will be celebrating their album release on Thursday, November 4 at The 5 Spot in Lil 5 Points.

Abby Dobson will be at the Blue Note in NY on Monday, November 8 at 8pm and 10:30pm.

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