#MusicMonday @The54

The latest from Atlanta quartet The 54.  This is from their new album Building A Giant Machine.

Two things I like about this group: 1) They rock hard and 2) they write hook-y choruses.  I’m there.

“Overrated” is the closest the get to a ballad, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily let up.


Being right is overrated

Using might is overrated.


Check out their video for a song “Dominate” from an earlier EP here.  And if you like what you hear, you can also download the Boldaslove.us summer mixtape and cop their song “Crazy”.  Both songs are tight and explosive which, I’m coming to understand, is The 54’s signature style.

Still a little bummed that I missed their set at this year’s Afro-punk Fest.

Additional link:

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