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If you haven’t seen it, check out music maven Fiona Bloom’s video series Efficacy, in which various artists answer a set of questions directly into their webcams.  Fiona posts the videos on Youtube and also with our friends over at ThisIsRealMusic.com.  You can check out other videos with The Family Stand’s Sandra St. Victor, and MCs Homeboy Sandman and Bless Roxwell, to name only a few.

This episode gives you about 10 minutes with Kokayi, who should be familar to the Boldaslove.us fam.  His group theCaesarz is on the Boldaslove.us compilation Fire In The Dark, and we’ve highlighted a focus track from his latest release Robots and Dinosaurs.  A talented brotha and a good spirit, which is what we like to see.

Born Carl Walker, Kokayi is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, emcee, producer, educator, husband and father. He is responsible for both Wayna’s “Moonlight Rendezvous” (7 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Top 10 R&B/Hip Hop Singles & 100 Hot Singles Sales) and co produced her Grammy nominated song “Loving You (Music)”. Kokayi collaborated with Goodwill to produce “Dream Without Boundaries” all proceeds of which went to Goodwill. Currently he has produced songs for and performed on Tabi Bonney’s forthcoming opus “Fresh” and works with the Washington based youth organization, Words, Beats and Life.

Here he talks about his ideal tour (hint: it involves Miles Davis and J Dilla); artists he’s feeling these days; John Vavratos shoes; his advice to up-and-coming artists; and a whole lot more.


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