Y’all remember Shelley Nicole, right? In addition to being one of my co-hosts on WRFB, she leads the soul-rock outfit blaKbushe, and was featured on the first Boldaslove.us compilation, Fire In The Dark.

I was just saying to someone a few weeks ago that it’d be cool to put out a black rock holiday album.  Y’know: Black rockers doing their favorite songs of the season.  (Matter of fact, note to self: work on that for next year!) Anyway, glad to get an email this morning for Shelley with some info on some holiday songs she’s sharing with everyone.

Turns out, last year she did a 3-song EP, Sistah Love at Christmas Time, for her Mom to give to her girlfriends, and that’s as far as it went.   This year, she’s releasing it wide.  You can pay what you want (minimum $4) via bandcamp, and the proceeds will go to her home church’s scholarship fund.  As a member of the Myrtle Baptist Church in Newton, Massachusetts, Shelley received scholarships from this fund throughout her college career, and now she’s just trying to give back, and make sure others get supported in their higher education endeavors.  The songs are available for download individually, but as a special bonus, if you purchase all three songs together she will send you a bonus holiday track for FREE!


Shelley Nicole-Lead & Backing Vox
Jeff Jeudy-Guitar & Backing Vox
Jerome Jordan-Guitar
Shawn Banks-Percussion
Achuziam Maha-Sanchez-Backing Vox

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Lionel Sanchez, Jr.

You can download the three-track Sistah Love at Christmas Time here.

Additional link:

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