I’ve said it before: This exploration of the new black imagination isn’t just limited to the States.  In fact, there’s great music being by folks from all across the African diaspora: London, Germany, and certainly Africa.

You’ll recall that I’d mentioned Nairobi, Kenya-based Last Year’s Tragedy many months ago, and that their hardcore/metal sound is very different than that of countrymen Just A Band.  When I reached out to them, Last Year’s Tragedy were in the process of recording their first album and didn’t have anything to share at the time. So, how cool was it to find this in my inbox this past Saturday, along with answers to a bunch of questions I’d lobbed at them? Very! As you’ll hear, the hardcore/metal scene in Kenya is in full effect!

Anyway, let’s get to the music first.  Of the song, the band writes:

6 Hours is the tragic tale of the forlorn doomed relationship, two lovers who are about to have their world torn apart by cruel circumstance, and so, in part, it is an ode to the broken-hearted.


If you like what you hear, you can download the track from the band’s Reverbnation page here.

Stay tuned: The new album from LYT drops early next year!

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